Assignment/Request Statuses allow you to create different stages for assignments/requests within your organization. Visibility of different statuses is controlled by what status(es) the user has access to within their permission level. This means that labor managers can create assignments at different stages (e.g. pending, forecasted) without giving unwanted access to that information.

Setting Up Assignment Statuses

To begin, navigate to the Settings Page and select the Assignment/Request Statuses tab on the left side menu.

If your company previously utilized Assignment/Request Flags, these flags will automatically be converted to Assignment/Request Statuses and appear as options here. To create a new Assignment/Request Status, select the blue New icon.


  • Populate the Name field with the desired title of the status
  • Select a color which serves as a visual indicator on the assignment/request (optional)
  • Populate the Abbreviation field if desired
  • Select Save

Limiting Visibility of Statuses

In the event that you want to limit your users' visibility to certain statuses, you may do so by adjusting company permission levels. You can customize status visibility to all statuses, some, or no statuses.

To adjust status permissions, navigate to the Settings Page and select the Permissions tab from the left side menu. Select Edit for the permission level you wish to adjust. Within the editing modal, scroll to locate the Statuses section which is located below the Assignments section.

If you wish to grant visibility to all statuses, checkmark the permission box labeled Can View All Statuses and select Save.


If you wish to limit visibility, ensure the checkbox is unchecked. Then, you will see a drop-down field which allows you to grant visibility to certain desired statuses, or no statuses at all.


Applying Statuses to Assignments/Requests

Once statuses are created, they can now be applied to assignments and requests. When creating an assignment/request, the Status field will appear within the modal and you may select a status from the drop-down menu.

If the user has permission to view all statuses, the status field is not required when creating assignments/requests. An assignment/request may be created without a status.


If the user has restricted permission to certain statuses, the status field is required when creating assignments/requests. The user will need to select one of the permission-granted statuses in order to create the assignment/request.

How Does this Impact my Users?

Once Assignment/Request Statuses are set up to your liking and visibility is determined according to permission levels, users will see only assignments and requests that have the statuses their permission level allows them to view. 

Below is a description of an example scenario:

A company schedules their workforce for several weeks out. They do not want certain users to be able to view future (or forecasted) assignments, only current assignments. To accomplish this, they have created Assignment/Request statuses labeled "Current" and "Forecasted" and have limited certain permission levels to only be able to view "Current" assignments.

The permission level of "Viewer" is granted permission to see the "Current" status and is not granted permission to see the "Forecasted" status. Upon accessing LaborChart, all users with the "Viewer" permission level will only see assignments tied to the Current Status.

Below is a visual example of what the company's Viewer permission sees: viewer

In this example the Viewer can see assignments for the week of 4/25 - 4/29, but cannot see any assignments for the following weeks.

Below is a visual example of what the company's Admin permission sees:


Notice that the date range configuration is the exact same as the Viewer's, but the Admin can see both Current and Future assignments.

As time goes by and forecasted assignments near their start date, management may update the status tied to assignments. By changing the status on assignments from "Forecasted" to "Current", these assignments would then be visible to those with "Viewer" permission.

Page Visibility

Statuses will be visible on the Boards, Gantt, Request List and Assignment List pages when given permission. If the user also has permission to edit assignments and/or requests, the statuses can be edited at any point in time from these locations. List pages support inline editing for this field.


Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.