Creating Assignments in LaborChart is a key process that drives data and makes the platform useful. Creating these Assignments is a simple process that can be done in several places throughout LaborChart. This article will show you how to do so.

The Boards Page

The Boards Page is intended to replicate the common utilization of whiteboards and spreadsheets - creating Assignments here is as simple as picking up the person and placing them on the desired job.

Here's how:

  • First, locate the right person for the job within the Resource Bench on the left side of the page
  • Hover your cursor over their Resource Card, then click+hold, drag them onto the desired Project then release
  • This will automatically begin creating the Assignment


When the Resource Card is placed, the Assignment Details modal will populate with the correct person and Project.

Within the modal, enter necessary information such as:

  • Assignment Duration
  • Daily Start/End Times
  • Working Days
  • Etc.

Review the information then choose Save or Save & Alert to send an Assignment Alert to the assignee.


Assignments can also be created by utilizing the Mini Gantt Icon.

Whether the person is still in the Resource Bench or already assigned to a Project, you can create an Assignment for them by:

  • Hover over the desired person's Resource Card
  • While hovering, the Mini Gantt Icon will appear on the right side of their card
  • Select this to populate their Mini Gantt


  • From here, select the New button located in the upper right corner of the modal

  • Select the correct Project from the drop-down menu, enter the Assignment details, then select your saving method


    The Gantt Page

    This is where you can see how Assignments span across time. As a hub of Assignment information, the Gantt Page is another location that Assignments can be created from.

  • Begin by selecting the orange New button located in the upper left corner of the page

    • Note that this can be done on both People and Project Gantt views
  • This will populate the New Assignment modal


  • Within this modal, use the drop down menus to select your desired Project and Resource

  • Much like the Boards Page, enter any and all relevant information for the Assignment

  • Choose to Save or Save & Alert


Another way to create Assignments from the Gantt Page is to create them directly within the specific Project that the assignment will be attached to.

  • Locate your desired Project and select the three dots located at the far right end of the Project's name line
  • The New Assignment modal will populate for the selected Project


Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.