Job Titles provide the opportunity to better organize your workforce. There are some pages in LaborChart that allow you to filter people by their Job Title, so setting these up correctly is important and will provide you a better experience. All customization of Job Titles will be done in the Settings Page. We recommend setting the order of these Job Titles to reflect your seniority or chain of command. This article will show you how to do so.

Getting Started

In order to manage your Job Titles, first navigate to the Settings Page and select Job Titles from the sidebar menu on the left side.


To create a new Job Title, select the blue New button in the upper left corner of the page.


In the modal that populates, enter the appropriate information for the Job Title such as which Group(s) the Job Title should be accessible to. You also have the option to select a representative color as well as set the payment type and hourly wage.

Select Save to create the new Job Title.


Once you've created Job Titles in your Settings, you can then apply the Job Title to your People. When you create a new person, the Job Title drop-down will give you options to choose from. Job Titles must be created in Settings first, otherwise this field will be empty.


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