One of the many ways to create a new Assignment is through the Gantt Page. This article will show you how to accomplish this.

Getting Started

Creating a New Assignment on the Gantt Page is very simple. The multi-day view (Gantt) easily allows you to see one of multiple Assignments.

You can create a new Assignment on the Gantt Page by selecting the New button in the upper left corner.


The New Assignment modal will populate, and this is where you'll enter Assignment Details.


Once you have entered the Assignment Details, you will have the option to Save or Save & Alert.

If you wish to notify the assignee of their new Assignment Details, select Save & Alert. This will populate the Assignment Alert window allowing you to edit any of its content or add additional recipients before sending it out.

You can also choose to Send Now, Save Draft, or Schedule Delivery.


Assignments for Individual Projects

You can also create Assignments for specific Projects from the Gantt Page by using the Three Dots located on the far right of the project name bar.

  • Select the Three Dots
  • Select New Assignment

3 dots

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