The Boards Page shows a single-day view of all Active People and Projects in your company. On this page, you can see all your active projects, the people that are assigned to them and each project's labor requests.

Getting Started

From the Boards Page you can make assignments, assignment changes and create labor requests for projects. The assignments and requests shown on the page reflect the date chosen in the upper right corner. To change, select the calendar icon and choose the date you desire.

Boards calendar icon

Resource Bench

On the left side of the Boards page is the Resource Bench. This is where you will find all of your currently active or assignable resources, as well as active resources with time off. To view one of the three options, toggle between the different tabs shown on the Resource Bench below. There is also a search and filter function for the Resource Bench.

Resource bench

Want more information on the Resource Bench? Click HERE.

Make an Assignment

There are a few different ways to make an assignment in LaborChart. For example, one way is to click on a resource card on the Resource Bench and drag it to the project area. You can also end an assignment by dragging it out of the project area and dropping it back in the Resource Bench. To fill a request using this method, drag and drop the resource directly onto the request card.

Drag and Drop

  • Learn more about creating individual assignments here
  • Learn how to create multiple assignments at once here

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