The ability to edit records in bulk is available for all list view pages on the LaborChart web application. Fields that are eligible for batch editing does vary based on field content. For example, LaborChart requires emails and phone numbers to be unique so those fields are not eligible for batch editing as that would result in applying the same value to multiple records and fail our validation rules.

Getting Started

To begin batch editing, select one or more rows by checking the checkboxes located on the left side of the page you are viewing. Once rows are selected, the orange Batch Edit icon will appear in the upper right corner of the page.


If you'd like to batch edit your entire list, you can use the Select All checkbox located in the upper left corner of the page. This will select/unselect all records that match the search/filter criteria, even if they haven't been loaded into the view via scrolling the page.


You can also utilize Shift+Click Selections to select a series of sequential rows. To do this, checkmark the checkbox of your first desired row, hold down the Shift key, then checkmark another checkbox several rows above or below the original. This will checkmark the row selected second as well as every row in between.

Batch Editing Controls

Selecting the Batch Edit icon located in the upper right corner will populate a searchable list of all editable fields for the page that is being viewed. Once a field is selected, the corresponding editing popup will appear.


For some data types in the Batch Edit flow, "change stats" are presented to make you aware of the results of any actions you are taking. These are required for some of the more complex data types such as Tags and Project Roles.


Once you have chosen to save your edits, you'll see a Processing indication in the lower left corner of the page. When completed, a Success message will appear and new values will show on the list view. Should an error occur while processing, an Error message will show in the same location.

Conflict Modals

For any batch changes that run into logical conflicts, a modal will populate listing out those errors as well as any records that are valid and allowed to save. At this point, you can choose to exit the Batch Edit flow (altering no records) or decide to move forward and apply the edits to only the listed records that are valid.


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