There are four reports in LaborChart that are available to run: Availability Look-Ahead, Assignment History, Workforce and Tags Requiring Action. All reports are available for saving and downloading. This article will explain the function of the Availability Look-Ahead Report.

Running the Report

The Availability Look-Ahead Report will display a list of names categorized by Job Title. This report will aid in determining who/how many Resources are currently available, as well as the date that assigned Resources will become available.


Each person's current and future Assignments (up to three) will be listed, along with the Assignment End Date for each. You can customize the information by filtering down the details that will be shown on the finalized report. The report can show all assigned members or can be filtered to just a few or one specific Job Title. The Assignment range can also be configured to show up to three Assignments out.

Below is an example of possible configurations:


Below is an example of a completed Availability Look-Ahead Report, configured to show availability for up to three Assignments:


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