Assignment Flags are labels used to identify information as it relates to a project assignment. Below are some common (but not all) uses for Assignment Flags:

  • Can indicate that someone is assigned on a job for training purposes
  • Can indicate if someone is available to be transferred to another assignment
  • Can indicate if someone is expected to be working overtime

Identifying an Assignment Flag

If there is an Assignment Flag attached to an assignment, its abbreviation will appear on the assignment card. These indicators will show in a variety of colors, depending on configuration.


Create an Assignment Flag

To add an Assignment Flag to an assignment, you must first have Assignment Flags set up in your LaborChart account.

To create a new Assignment Flag, navigate to the Settings Page and select Assignment/Request Flags on the left side of the page.

  • Select the blue New button
  • Enter your desired information and Save


Adding an Assignment Flag

Once Assignment Flags have been created, begin adding them to assignments by:

  • Begin on the Boards Page.
  • Select the Mini Gantt on the assignment card you'd like to modify which will populate the Assignment Details modal.
  • Select the assignment bar, then select Edit Total Assignment
  • Select the three dots located next to the project name
  • Choose the appropriate Assignment Flag from the drop down list and Save.

three dots

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