The navigation bar features bucketed drop-down menus for all your pages like People, Projects, Boards and Gantt. You also have the ability to save and share page views. Whether you're a legacy customer or brand new to LaborChart, this article will be your guide to becoming an expert on the navigation and Saved Views.

Getting Started

Existing universally across the platform, you have the navigation bar located towards the top of the screen. This hosts all of your pages, some of which are bucketed by their data type. For example, the Gantt, Boards and Assignment List Pages all refer to assignment data, so these pages are bucketed under the Assignments Tab within the navigation bar.

new nav

Here's what you can find under each drop-down tab:

  • People: People List
  • Projects: Projects List
  • Assignments: Assignment List, Boards, Gantt
  • Requests: Request List
  • Time Off: Time Off List
  • Communications: Alerts, Messages
  • Dashboards: Activity, Map, Totals
  • Reports: Availability Look-Ahead, Assignment History, Tags Requiring Action, Workforce, Queued Downloads

You can access your Settings by selecting your profile icon located in the upper right corner. You will also find the Help Icon and the Notification Bell in the upper right corner.

Save and Share Page Views

In addition to your standard pages, you can created Saved Views. Saved Views are a feature for when you apply the same specific filtering/sorting criteria to a page over and over. By setting up a Saved View, you will no longer have to apply these criteria to the page each time you sign into LaborChart. Once the view is created, you have the ability to share the Saved View with other individuals, groups, or make it available company-wide.

Create a Saved View Page

First, navigate to the page you'd like to create a Saved View for. In this example we'll be working on the Gantt Page. Next, set up the the page according to your preference. Utilize features like the Date Range selector, the Configure Icon, the People/Projects toggle, and Filter Icon.


In this example, I want to see projects that belong to My Groups where I am a General Foreman project role, I only want to see projects that have current assignments, and I want to see an 8 week time frame. After applying all of the desired filters and configurations, select the Save Icon located in the upper right corner.


The Save View modal will populate. This is where you will name this set of page criteria and select who can access this Saved View.

Choose from:

  • Private: only you have access to this Saved View
  • Individuals: allows you to share this Saved View with other employees of your preference
  • Groups: allows you to share this Saved View with one or more Groups within your company

After saving the View, you can navigate to any other page or sign in/out, and you will always have the option to return to the Saved View and quickly see that desired criteria. In this example, I'm on the Totals Page, but my Saved View is available under the Assignments Tab.


Note: Pages that do not support Saved Views include Alerts and Messages.

Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.