Inline editing on list views throughout LaborChart allows you to quickly update data without losing your place on the page or navigating into details pages. This flow respects your company's settings on permissions, locked fields and input validation. This feature is available on all list views such as the People Page, Projects Page, etc.

Getting Started

Inline editing works similarly to Excel, allowing you to select any desired cell which populates a cursor around the cell. You can then use your keyboard arrow keys to move around the page. If the cursor reaches the bottom of a page, continuing to use the down arrow key will scroll the page and load any additional records.


Cursor Colors

Orange: Any cell that appears with an orange cursor is either editable or has another action (e.g., checking a checkbox). To enter the editing state, a user can either hit the Enter key when the cell is selected with the cursor or double click the cell.

Black: Cells with a black cursor are not editable in the current view. This is a result of the type of data/page relationship (e.g., the data isn't the primary entity on the page), because of permission restrictions or company settings like locked integration fields. Black cursors may still have toolbar options upon a right click.

Editing Controls

Each editable cell provides a popup editing control. Depending on the type of data you are editing, the control will vary slightly. Editing a text box field will respectively look different from a drop-down menu.

Right Click Menu

Upon right clicking on a cell, you will be presented with a context menu providing any logical options per the cell type. These options will vary depending on the editability of a cell, permissions and any linking of cell data to other pages.


Right Click Options:

  • Copy: Copies the cell content
  • Edit: Opens the editing control for the cell
  • Open in New Tab: Opens a new tab with the page the cell links to

Tabbing Abilities

When navigating with inline editing, the Tab key will move you to the next cell when in the list view, or move you through the buttons/inputs of any editing options in the toolbar popup. This will feel very normal for those used to utilizing spreadsheets.

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