You are able to view any Project's Details Page from many places throughout the platform. From the Gantt Page, you can quickly view details of a project without having to navigate to the Project's Page first. This article will show you how to do so.

Project Gantt

Locate your desired project within the Project View on the Gantt Page.

  • Select the project name to populate a preview of the project's details
  • Next, select the project's name where it appears as a blue hyperlink. This will route you to the Project's Details Page


Another path to the Project Details Page is the three dots on the right end of the project's name bar.

  • Select the three dots
  • Then, select Project Details


People Gantt

To navigate to a Project's Details Page from the People Gantt:

  • Locate the desired project within a Resource's assignment list
  • Select the Project Name and you will be routed to the Project's Details Page



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