One of the ways to view Requests is from the Boards Page. Workforce Requests are displayed in a blue field located under their respective Project Name and Project Category. This article will show you how to identify your Requests.

Getting Started

If a Project Category has not been selected for the Request, it will be located in the generic category which will be the first blue field to appear.


While the Project Categories are collapsed, the number of Requests within each category will appear next to the Category Name. This is shown below.


If you prefer to only see Requests that fall within the date you are currently viewing, you can set that up in the Settings Page. Here's how:

  • Navigate to the Settings Page and select the View Preferences tab from the left side menu
  • Toggle the Show Requests Per Viewing Day Only slider
  • select Save
    • This will only be true for your account, not company-wide


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