The Boards Page provides a single-day view of all Projects and Assignments for any selected date. The Boards page can be customized to your preference; Projects can be listed in alphabetical order, Project Number, start and end date or by completion percent. This article will show you how to sort your Boards Page.

Getting Started

Below are instructions on how you can sort your Boards Page to your personal preference:

  • Select the Sort Projects Drop-Down menu located in the upper left corner of the page
  • Select your preferred method of Sorting and the page will automatically update the list

    • Name: Sorts the Projects alphabetically
    • Project Number: Sorts the Projects from high-to-low based on Project Number
    • Earliest Start Date: Sorts them in chronological order based on the date the Project is set to begin, while Latest Start Date reverses the order
    • Earliest and Latest End Date are the same as start date, but are based on the Projects' ending date
    • Most Complete: Sorts based on the completion percentage set in the Project's Details Page.

    • Least Complete: also based on completion percentage, with lesser completed Projects at the top of the list


Quickly find a specific Project by typing the Project Name or Number in the Search Bar.


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