If you'd like to send out Assignment Alerts to everyone on a particular Project, you can do so directly from the Gantt Page. This article will show you how.

Getting Started

  • Locate the Project you wish to send the Alert for, then select the three dots on the right end of the Project's name bar
  • Select Send Assignment Alerts


  • Select Current Viewing Day or Date Range

    • Current Viewing Day will send the Alerts to everyone whose Assignment falls on the day you are currently viewing
    • Date Range will send the Alerts to whoever has an Assignment that falls within the selected range
  • Then, select how you would like the message to be sent

    • Send Immediately will send the Alerts upon selecting send
    • Schedule will allow you to select a future date and time for the Alert to be sent
    • Save Draft will create the Alert but will not send it. It will be stored in your drafts on the Alerts Page.
  • Select the Edit Alert Template button


  • Make any necessary changes to the content of the Alert
    • If the Project has a Custom Alert Template, it will populate here
  • Choose to send as Individual or Group Message
  • You may also choose to view a list of recipients
  • Select Save to finish the Alert


Click HERE to watch the video relating to this article.

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