For a more seamless user experience, there are many places within LaborChart that you can send a message from. One location is on the Gantt Page and this article will show you how to do so.

Getting Started

To send a message to every Resource currently assigned to a specific Project:

  • Begin by locating the Project on the Gantt Page, then select the three dots on the far right end on the Project's name line
  • Select Message People from the Drop-Down menu


  • Select Current Viewing Day or Date Range
    • Current Viewing Day will draft the message to whoever is assigned to the Project on the day you are currently viewing
    • Next, select Create Message


Within the Message People modal:

  • Enter your subject and message content
  • Choose to send as Individual Message or Group Message
  • Add or remove any desired recipients
  • Then, choose to Send Now, Save Draft or Schedule Delivery of the message for a future date and time


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