The Resource Bench is located on the left side of the Boards Page and contains all of your active Resources available for Assignment. This hub of your people can be filtered and sorted to make finding the right Resource easier and quicker. This article will show you how to do so.


To apply a filter to your Resource Bench:

  • Navigate to the Resource Bench then select the Gear Icon which will populate a list of all the currently applied filters
  • Select the Funnel Icon to begin selecting filters


  • Then, select the desired filters and Apply to active them


To remove the selected filters, open the filters by using the Gear Icon, then select the Trashcan Icon to remove all filters

  • Remove filters one at a time by selecting the X next to the individual filter name



Sorting refers to the order in which the list is presented. The Resources within the Resource Bench can be sorted by:

  • Job Title: based on the hierarchy of job titles within your Settings Page
  • Name: sorted alphabetically from A-Z

To sort your Resource Bench, open the Sort Cards By drop down menu then make your selection and the bench will automatically refresh the list.


Now that you know how to narrow down your Resources, learn how to:

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