Anyone with sign-in credentials to LaborChart is considered a User. Knowing who your Users are and what information they have access to is important to keeping your company organized, as well as keeping sensitive information protected. This article will walk you through how to identify Users and their Permissions.

Getting Started

To see your Users, navigate to the Group you want to search within and then go to the People Page. Once you are on the People Page, apply the Filter Person Type = User.

This will display the People in your account who are Users and have sign-in credentials to your LaborChart platform.

People with access to your LaborChart platform will have a Silhouette Icon besides their name (See below).


The Silhouette Icon indicates that the person can sign in to LaborChart. Their level of access will be determined by their Permission Level. To quickly see a User's Permission Level, go to the Column Icon in the upper right corner and add Permission as an active column.


Below is an example of Users in an account, including Permission Level.


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