The Totals Page creates a holistic view of your organization so you can see the total number of people assigned and requested for each project or job title. When the Total Cell Units are configured by People - you can easily identify if you have too many workers or not enough - by day, week, month and year. You also have the ability to download the Totals Page into a CSV, allowing your organization to be even more proactive when scheduling labor. 

Getting Started

To get to the Totals Page, select Totals under the Dashboards navigation tab.

Total Configuration

To change the configuration of the data displayed on the Totals Page, select the Configure button in the upper left corner. You will have the ability to show a total breakdown by Job Title or by Project. The Total Cell Units can be configured by People, Work-Days, Hours or Cost. Select Apply to save your configuration changes.

Total View Range

You can select a different start date for your total forecast using the calendar icon in the upper right corner of the Totals Page. To change the forecast range, select a duration from the Drop-Down box. You can select a forecast range up to three years in the future. The orange column indicates the current time range.

Download the Totals Page

The Totals Page allows you to export and download your totals information in CSV format to be more proactive with your project planning and achieving company goals. Just navigate to your totals page, configure the viewing page to your preference and select the download icon located in the upper right corner.

By exporting your Totals data, you can create helpful charts and other visuals to share project updates with others at your organization. 



The Totals Page can only be accessed by Users that have been given permission to do so.

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