Knowing Time Off for your people is very helpful when managing your workforce and filling Requests on Projects. This article will walk you through how you can view Time Off on the Boards Page.

Getting Started

Time Off can be viewed on the Boards Page by utilizing the Resource Bench and the mini Gantt Icon. Since the Boards Page is a single-day view, the Resource Bench will display only the Time Off that falls on the currently viewed date which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

To see who is taking Time Off on the Boards Page:

  • Select the Off tab at the top of the Resource Bench on the left side of the page
  • This will display every Resource taking Time Off that falls on the currently viewed date


To view the details of their Time Off:

  • Begin by hovering over their Resource Card
  • This action will populate the mini Gantt Icon on the right side of their Resource Card. Select the mini Gantt Icon


This will queue up the Assignment Details modal where the Time Off will be displayed as a "hatched" Assignment Bar. Hover over the Time Off Bar and the details will be displayed at the bottom of the modal.


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