An Assignment Alert is a notification that can be sent out to your workforce to notify them of new and edited Assignments. In your Settings, you can set up default Assignment Alerts that will automatically include specific pieces of information each time an alert is sent. However, when Assignment Alerts are set up at the Project level, they will override the company's default settings. This article will walk you through setting up default Assignment Alerts.

Getting Started

Set up your company's Default Alert Content:

  • Navigate to the Settings Page, then select the Assignment Alerts tab on the left side of the page
  • Select the Default Content header


The content entered here will automatically populate into the Alerts as Assignments are created across the platform.

Use the Dynamic Tokens on the right to easily make the content applicable to the specific Resource and Project the Assignment is for.

  • Example) "Assignee's Name" will populate the name of the Resource being assigned

Once you've finished entering your default Alert Content, select Save.


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