In your company's settings you have the ability to set Custom Assignment Alert Content, but there may be occasions where you would like specific Projects to have different Alert Content. This will take place at the Project level, which will override the company settings. This article will show you how to set up Custom Assignment Alerts for Projects.

Getting Started

To set up Custom Assignment Alerts on a Project:

  • Begin by heading to the Details Page of the desired Project
  • Within the Info section on the left side of the page, scroll down to the Custom Assignment Alert Content section
  • Choose what type of Alert you would like to set up Default Content for, then select the corresponding Plus Sign Icon


  • Within the Alert Content modal, enter your desired Subject and Message information
    • Use the Dynamic Tokens on the right to automatically make the content specific to the resource being assigned
    • For example: name will populate the name of the Resource being assigned
  • Select Save and the Alert content will override the company settings when a Resource is assigned to this Project


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