A Default Recipient is someone who has been added to receive a notification every time an Assignment Alert is sent out for a particular Project. They will automatically be added to all Assignment Alerts when an Assignment has been created, edited or deleted. At some point you may need to remove a Default Recipient - this article will show you how.

Getting Started

To remove a Default Recipient from a Project, navigate to desired Project's Details Page and scroll down. On the left side you will see the Default Alert Recipient section.

Select the red circle icon next to the desired Recipients name, and they will be removed from all future alerts on the Project.


Remove Recipient From a Single Alert, Not All

If you would like to remove a Default Recipient from a single Assignment Alert without removing them from all others, follow the instructions below:

  • Create the Assignment and enter all the necessary Assignment Details, then select Save & Alert

  • Within the Assignment Alert modal, remove the Default Recipient by selecting the red circle icon to the right of their name

  • This will remove them from this Assignment Alert only

    • Any other Assignment Alerts for this Project will still include the default recipient(s)


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