QR Codes can be helpful because they allow you to quickly access details for specific Projects and People. This article will walk you through utilizing QR Codes.

Getting Started

First, you must have QR Codes enabled in your LaborChart platform.

To print a QR Code, you will need to find the details page for the desired Person or Project. Select the blue hyperlink of a Person or a Project anywhere it appears in the platform and you will be redirected to their Details Page.


In this example, Abigail Thompson is the person shown but the same will apply for both People and Projects.

First, scroll down on the left side of the page until you see the QR Code section.


There are two options in this section - you can Preview the QR Code or Download. To print the QR Code, select the Download option.

Once downloaded, you can save and print the QR Code as needed.


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