The Tool Bar is an efficient way to customize what is displayed on the Map Page which allows more organization for your People and Projects with addresses. This article will walk you through how to quickly choose what is displayed on your Map.

Getting Started

Each function within the Tool Bar is broken down into Projects and People:

  • The Building Silhouette Icon represents working with Projects
  • The Person Silhouette Icon represents working with People

The Display function allows you to choose which status of People and Projects are displayed. To remove all People or Projects, select None.

The Tool bar also features a Search Bar, as well as the ability to Filter by Tags and Job Titles.

Select Show All Actives to display every Active Project and Person within the Group you are viewing.


The Tool Bar also features a List View for your People and Projects. To pull up the List View, select the List Tab on the right side of the Tool Bar.


From this view, quickly switch between the Project and People list by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the Tool Bar.

Select any Project or Person to automatically zoom in to the location.


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