Each project in your LaborChart platform will have its own Details Page where all the Project information is stored. This article will help you navigate the information and functions of the Project Details Page.

Info Section

The Info Section on the left side of the Details Page holds general information about the Project including address, Project number, and Project status. Your Permission Level will determine what information you can view here.


Under the Info Section, you can view other details of the Project which include:

  • Tags
  • Attachments
  • Categories
  • Custom Assignment Alert Content
  • Wage Override
  • Project Roles
  • Default Alert Recipients

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At the bottom of the Info Section, you will find the Project's QR Code. This is where you can download and print the QR Code. The information displayed in the QR Code is configured within your Settings Page.

Deleting a Project

At the very bottom of the page is where you will find the option to Delete a Project. We highly suggest never Deleting a Project. Deleting a Project will wipe its history and data completely from the platform. Once you complete this action, the information cannot be recovered. It is always recommended to change the Project Status from Active to Inactive, rather than deleting it. This will remove the Project from the Boards Page, but the Project Details and Assignment history will still remain in the platform.

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Workforce Graph Section

On the right side of the Project Details Page is where you can locate the Project's Workforce Graph. This graph displays all of the Assignments and Requests data across the Project's entire lifetime. This includes different viewing options that can be displayed by number of unique people, hours, and cost. They can also be broken down and filtered by each Job Title.

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Notes and Activity Sections

Under the Workforce Graph is where Project Notes are created and displayed. This section is where you can see public notes, and create private/public notes of your own. To create a new Note, just type the information into the text field and select Add. You are also able to add attachments to notes.


Below the Project Notes section, you will find the Project's Activity feed. All actions performed in reference to the Project throughout the platform will be logged here. The Activity categories allow you to filter between All actions, actions relating to Attachments, Categories, Requests, Info, Notes, Roles, Tags, and Wage Overrides.


In the example below, the action taken was Added a Workforce Request, performed by Riley Winter on January 6, 2020, at 10:08 AM.


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