You may want to give your company's Resources the ability to respond when they receive Alerts. When Assignment Alert Responses are enabled and being utilized, Assignment Alert recipients can reply back to your LaborChart system with pre-defined responses. This article will walk you through response details.

Getting Started

Below is an example showing an Assignment Alert being sent and responded to vis SMS:

  • Red Rectangle: Alert subject
  • Blue Rectangle: Alert content
  • Green Rectangle: Reply options (ONLY if replies are enabled)


Immediately after sending an Assignment Alert, the Alert will be logged in the Assignment Alert Page shown below.

This example is showing that the Alert has not been responded to.


Responding to an Alert

To respond to an Assignment Alert, the recipient will need to type out a valid reply code, then send it back to LaborChart.


Responses must be a pre-defined option and follow the required format:

  • All valid responses will be listed as options in each Assignment Alert
  • All responses must lead with "#" and have no spaces
  • Responses are NOT case sensitive

Using the above example, the following responses are VALID:

  • #1c-yes
  • #1C-Yes
  • #C-YES
  • #1c-no
  • #1C-No
  • #1C-NO

Using the above example, the following responses are INVALID:

  • 1c-yes (missing the leading #)
  • #1Cyes (missing the - between "C" and "yes")
  • #1C-Yess (spelling error, extra "s" in "yes")
  • 1c NO (missing the leading # and the "-" between "v" and "NO")

As soon as the recipient replies with a valid response option, it will be logged and displayed on the Alerts Page.


Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.