Every person in your LaborChart platform will have their own Details Page where all their personal information is stored. This article will show you how to navigate the Details Page.

The Info Section

The Info section located on the left side of the page holds personal information, Status, Permission Level, and Custom Fields related to that individual.


Extra Sections

Under the Info section, you can view and make changes to Tags, upload Attachments, and download or preview their QR Code (If QR Codes have been activated in the Settings Page).


On the right side of the page is the Time Off section where you can create, edit, and view the person's time off. There is also a Notes section where you can see public notes, and create private/public notes of your own.

Below the Time Off and Notes sections, you will find the person's Activity feed. All actions performed in reference to the individual throughout the platform will be logged here. The Activity categories allow you to filter between All actions, actions relating to Assignments, Attachments, Info, Notes, Tags, and Time Off.


Viewing certain sensitive information and editing capabilities can be limited based on a User's Permission Level.

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