The Rapid Assign Tool is a quick way to create multiple Assignments at once on the Boards Page. If you find yourself creating similar Assignments over and over, then the Rapid Assign tool is for you.

Using Rapid Assign

First, navigate to the Boards Page and select the Rocket Ship Icon located towards the top of the Resource Bench.

Rapid Assign

This will bring up the Configuration modal for the Assignment Details. When using the Rapid Assign Tool, all created Assignments will have the same Assignment Details. In this modal, you can either choose the Assignment Times to default to the Projects' start and end times or set a custom start and end time. You can also choose if your Assignment Alerts send instantly, at a scheduled time in the future, or not at all.

Once you have entered all of the Assignment Details, select the Activate button to begin assigning (when Rapid Assign is active, it will be highlighted in blue on the Resource Bench).


Now, you can use the Drag and Drop Method on each needed Resource to their respective Project without entering Assignment Details each time. All Assignments created while the tool is active will automatically default to the Assignment Details created above.

placing resources

Finally, once you have finished assigning the Resources you need, make sure to turn Rapid Assign off otherwise all Assignments created afterwards will automatically default to the previously created Assignment Details. To turn off, open the Configuration modal by selecting the Rocket Ship Icon, then select Deactivate.


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