There are several ways you can send messages in the LaborChart platform - one of them being from the Boards Page. This is a great option if you are looking to send a message to every Resource currently assigned to a Project.

Getting Started

  • Start on the Boards Page, then locate the Project you'd like to send a message for
  • Select the Three Dots on the far right end of the Project name bar
  • Select Message People


  • Select Current Viewing Day or Date Range
    • Current Viewing Day will draft the message to whoever is assigned to the Project day you are currently viewing
    • Date Range will draft the message to whoever has an Assignment on the Project that falls within the selected date range
  • Then, select Create Message


Within the Message People modal:

  • Enter your Subject and Message content
  • Choose to send as Individual Message or Group Message
  • Add or remove any Desired Recipients
  • Then choose to Send Now, Save Draft, or Schedule Delivery of the message for a future date and time


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