Knowing Time Off for your people is very helpful when managing your workforce and filling Requests on Projects. This article will walk you through how you can manage Time Off on the People Page.

Getting Started

To enter Time Off for a person from the People Page, first navigate to the person's Detail Page.

  • From the People Page, locate the person you'd like to enter Time Off for
  • Select the blue hyperlink of their name which will populate their details page


  • The Time Off section is the first section displayed
  • Select the blue Plus Icon in the Time Off section located in the upper right corner of the page


  • Enter the details of their Time Off
    • If the Time Off is routine for the person, you can set the Time Off to repeat weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Select Save


The Time Off will be logged and visible on the person's Details Page, even after their time off has ended.


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