Creating Workforce Requests is an efficient way to let your team know that you need another Resource on a particular Project. When you aren't sure exactly which Resource you want, or you don't have the Permission Level to create Assignments, then a Workforce Request is the way to go.

Creating the Request

You can create a Workforce Request by:

  • From the Boards Page, find the Project that you need to make a Request for
  • Select the Three Dots located on the far right side of the Project's name bar
  • Select Create Request


This will populate the Request modal where you'll enter the details of your Workforce Request. Then, select Save. Below are further details of the Request modal.

  • Job titles are not required for Workforce Requests
  • In order to create a Request, the start and end dates must be on selected working day
  • Scope of Work & Assignment Instructions (optional): Items entered here will automatically generate in the Assignment Alert that is created upon fulfillment of the Request
  • Comments (optional): This information will not be included in Alerts and only users given the Permission Level to view comments will be able to see them


Workforce Requests will be displayed within the blue Requests field of each Project.


blue tab

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