Filtering your People Page can easily provide you with lists of Resources that hold specific criteria you are looking for. Multiple Filters can be applied at once, so it's important to understand exactly what you are Filtering for. To offer better Filtering experiences, LaborChart uses the "And"/"Or" model which will be explained in this article.

The Basics

  1. AND Filters will show the Resources that contain all of the currently Filtered Tags
  2. OR Filters will list every Resource that holds at least one of the Filtered Tags in play

Each Filter shows different results - even when you use the same Tags in both processes. Below are examples using CPR and Fork Lift Tags as Filters.

How to Apply AND Filters

To show all your Resources that currently hold the CPR AND Fork Lift Tags, group the Tags together within the same Filter region. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Funnel Icon in the upper left corner of the page
  • Select all the filters you'd like to apply to the page
  • Select the blue checkmark


As shown below, the Filtered results indicate that 16 Resources hold both the CPR AND the Fork Lift Tag.


How to Apply OR Filters

To show every Resource that holds at least one of the Tag Filters, apply each Filter individually. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Funnel Icon and select only the CPR tag
  • Select the blue checkmark to apply the first Filter before applying the second


  • Apply the Fork Lift Tag using the same method
  • Once both Tags are applied, you will see each Resource that holds either the CPR OR the Fork Lift Tag


An easy way to tell which Filtering method you've used is by looking at the Filter bubbles. The AND Filter will show both tags in the same bubble. The OR Filter will show the tags in separate bubbles.



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