Platform Permissions in the Settings Page is where you are able to control which users have access to certain information within your company. Permissions are totally customizable to your preference, and this article will guide you on how to edit custom permissions once they are already in place.

Getting Started

You can edit any existing Permission Level from the Settings Page. The Admin Permission Level is intended to be the highest level user and is not an editable Permission Level.

To edit a custom Permission Level, select the Edit button next to the Permission name.


You will see a list of all the available actions within LaborChart, as well as a reminder of the number of actions currently selected. If you make changes to a Permission Level, it will affect every user that currently holds said Permission Level.


You can make changes to the actions available to each Permission Level from the editing modal.

  • Select the Info Icon next to the Action to see a reminder of that removing the action will affect
  • Check or uncheck the boxes for any actions according to your preference
  • Once you have completed making changes to the permission actions, select Save in the upper right corner of the modal to confirm the changes


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