The Gantt Page allows for two views, Projects and People. Both view are capable of being exported as a PDF file. The instructions below allow you to customize and export the Gantt Page to best suit your needs.

Getting Started

Begin by selecting which view you'd like to export (Projects or People). Then, select preferred date range, apply any Configurations and add any desired Filters to the page. The exported PDF is based on the customizations previously selected.

Once you've configured your desired view, select the Download Icon in the upper right corner located next to the date selector.


This will populate the Export Gantt modal in the center of your screen.

Here, you can select the page orientation (Portrait, Landscape) of the file, as well as page size. You can also choose whether or not to implement Page Breaks between Projects or People.

Once you've chosen your desired settings, select the Export button to begin generating the report.


Once the report has finished generating, you can download it to your computer by selecting Download.

If dismissed, you can locate and download the report by selecting Queued Downloads under the Reports navigation tab, or by selecting View All Reports in the Export Gantt Report modal.


To view or download a previously generated report, proceed to the Queued Downloads page. From here, you will be able to view all prior reports including their status, the name of the report, and the date it was ran. As well as having the option to download any existing reports, you also have the option to remove them from your records.


Below is an example of a generated Project Gantt Report - this only shows the first page. This report filters out Projects that do not have any Assignments or Requests, as well as only shows Active Status Projects.

Here you can see each person's Assignment duration, along with their Assigned Hours or Percent Allocation. All Filters applied are also shown underneath the report name.

Gantt export

Hint: To generate a report of all Open Requests, add the Filters 'Hide Empty Projects: True' and 'Only Show: Requests'.

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