Permission Settings allow you control which users have access to certain information within your platform. Permissions are completely customizable to your preference, and this article will explain how to adjust them.

Start Customizing

The Permissions tab on the Settings Page is the hub for customizing what each of your users are able to do and see in the platform.

Sensitive Fields are located on the right side of the page. These are fields for people and projects that are not to be seen by anyone who has not been explicitly given the permission to do so.

  • Select the People and Project information considered to be sensitive, then select Save
    • For example, you may prefer people addresses to be sensitive


The left side of the page displays each Permission Level and the available actions held within them. Here, you can create new permission levels, as well as Edit Custom Permissions.

To create a Custom Permission level, select the New button in the upper center of the page.


In the Create Permission modal, you will enter the name of the permission, then select each action you wish to enable for the custom permission level.

To read the details about a specific action, select the Information Icon to the right of each action name.


Select all of your desired actions, then select Save in the upper right corner.


To change a person's permission level, navigate to their details page.

  • Proceed to the People page, and select desired person
  • Select Edit on their info, then scroll down to the Permission drop-down
    • Note that only Users and Both types of people have Permission levels
  • Select the desired permission level, then select Save


Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.