The Workforce Graph in each Project Details page provides a visual breakdown of the Assignments and Requests over the course of the project's duration.

This graph is customizable with several different viewing and data point options. The remainder of this article will cover the details of each configuration option, along with instructions on how to make your selections.

The example below displays the project's Assignments, as well as Requests. The timeline is broken down by Weeks, with a Y-axis of the number of unique people.

Assignments and Requests

The graph body displays the data points of the project's assignments, requests, or both.

Assignments are represented in a solid blue color, with the requests shown as a "hashed" version of the same color.

To select your preferred view, use the corresponding tabs located at the top of the graph.

Example of Assignment View:

Example of Request View:

Example of Both Assignments & Requests:


The Y-Axis includes 4 different unit options:

  • Cost - Data points are placed based on the total cost of the assignments, requests, or both at that point in time.
  • Hours - Data points are placed based on the total number of combined assignment/request Hours.
  • Man-Days - Based on the combined total of Man-Days, according to the number of shift hours in the Costing tab in the Settings page.
  • People - Based on the total number of unique people on the project.
    • Note that a single resource with multiple assignments on the same projects counts as 1 unique person

To select your desired Y-Axis unit, open the drop-down at the top of the graph and click your selection. The graph will automatically update upon selection.

Breakdown Job Titles

A powerful configuration tool for the Manpower Graph is the ability to breakdown the data by Job Title. This gives you a more refined scope of your data by allowing you to see the units of each individual Job Title on the project.

To do this, checkmark the Breakdown Job Titles box, and select each Job Title you would like to be displayed.

  • Note that unselected job titles will be completely removed from the graph; thus, manipulating the calculated data.

Hover over a specific Job Title to highlight it in bright yellow within the body of the graph:

Months & Weeks

Data points in the Manpower Graph can be aggregated by Week or by Month.

To select your desired view, utilize the Data Points tabs in the bottom-left corner of the graph.

Data Points by Weeks:

Data Points by Month:

Compressed and Expanded View

By default, the Manpower Graph is displayed in a "Compressed" view. By selecting the Expanded tab, the precise value of each data point is displayed at the bottom of the graph.