When the Gantt page and Totals page grab wage data to calculate costing, they look in three different places for wages in the platform, some of which, override the others:

  1. People wages
  2. Job Title wages
  3. Wage Overrides

As the platform searches for wage data, it does so in a specific order of specificity, meaning that: if "A" isn't there, it will grab "B". And if "B" isn't there, it will grab "C". 

In LaborChart, the order of wage specificity is: Wage Overrides, People wage, then Job Title wage.

This means that when the platform is calculating costing, it will be based on Wage Overrides. If there are no Wage Overrides present, it will calculate based on the person's wage. If there is nothing entered for Wage Overrides or the person's wage, it will calculate based on the wage set for the Job Title.

When there are no wages entered for any of the 3 wage categories, it will result in a Totals page that displays 0 projects (when Totals Cells Unit = Cost).

In the same case, the Project and People Gantt Pages will display 0's across all totals cells when cost is selected as the unit.

Adding Job Title Wages

Being the lowest level of wage specificity, it is always recommended to have wages configured for each Job Title in your platform. That way, when wage overrides and people wages are not entered, there is still a data value for the Totals and Gantt pages to grab onto.

Here's how to setup Job Title wages in your platform:

  • Navigate to the Settings page, and select the Job Titles tab on the left-hand side of the page
  • Click the Edit button on the Job Title you wish to add a wage for

  • Within the Edit Job Title modal, enter the Hourly Rate
  • Click Save to apply the new wage to all resources with that Job Title

Adding People Wages

When your wages need to be more specific than spanning an entire Job Title, use the personal wage.

For instance, if one specific Foreman makes more than all other foremen, enter their specific wage like so:

  • Head to that person's details page by clicking their name anywhere in the platform when it appears as a blue hyperlink
  • Within their details page, click the Edit button 

  • Scroll down until you hit the Hourly Wage section
  • Enter the their wage here, then scroll back up and click Save

Adding Wage Overrides

Now let's say that Job Title and personal wages are entered, but one specific project requires a higher wage.

This is when Wage Overrides should be used, as they override both the Job Title and personal wages.

Follow these directions to add Wage Overrides:

  • Head to the project's details page by clicking its name anywhere in the platform when it appears as a blue hyperlink
  • Within the details column on the left side of the project details page, scroll down to the Wage Override section. This is where all current Wage Overrides for the project will be displayed.
  • Click the blue New button to create an override

  • Select the Job Title in the dropdown
  • Enter the new wage
  • Click Save to add the new wage to the project