The People Gantt includes two configuration options to view the Percent Allocation details for every Assignment within the current Group. This article will provide a guide on how to view and configure Percent Allocation Assignments within the People Gantt view.

Viewing Percent Allocation

The first configuration option is Percent Allocation as the Totals Cell Units. With this configuration, the totals cells for each person will be displayed as a percentage. The cells will show the sum of all percentages for each Assignment that the Resource is assigned to.

This is a useful feature for catching overlooked mistakes in your workforce management.

In the example below, Aaron's total cell units show his over-allocation of 125%, while Adam and Alexander show as under allocated at 75% and 25% respectively.


The second configuration option is percent allocation as Assignment Color Bars. With this feature, the Assignment Color Bar for each Resources' Assignment is configured to display the percent allocation for the specified Project.

Once selected, the percent allocation color bars will display green or red, with the specific shade of green/red dependent on the percent allocated to the Assignment.

In the example below:

  • Aaron Kelley - Slightly over-allocated, light red assignment bar
  • Adam Perry - Slightly under-allocated, medium green assignment bar
  • Alexander Robinson - Severely under-allocated, pale green assignment bar

color bar

Applying Percent Allocation

To apply Percent Allocation to the totals cells:

  • Begin by selecting the Configure button located on the right side of the Search Bar. on the Gantt Page
  • Select the Allocation option below the Totals Cell Units category
  • Select the blue Apply button to save the configuration and refresh the page


To apply Percent Allocation to the Assignment Color Bars,

  • Open the configuration modal by selecting the Configure button next to the Search Bar
  • Select Allocation % within the Project Bar Colors drop down menu
  • Select Apply to save the configuration and refresh the page


Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.