The information on the Totals page can be broken down by two different options: Job Title and Project

Both of these have the same 4 options for the total cell units:

Configuring with Job Title

When broken down by Job Title, the Totals page helps you forecast the needs and allocation of each position within your company.

To configure by Job Title:

  • Click the Configure button in the top-left corner of the Totals page.
  • Select Job Title under Breakdown By.
  • Then, select which total cell unit to display and click apply.

The Job Titles listed on the left-side of the page will be displayed in the same order of the hierarchy of job titles within your Settings page.

Configuring with Projects

Breaking down the Totals page by Project groups the cell units by the project they are assigned to.

The Project view allows for the customization of the order in which the projects are displayed.

  • Click the Configure button in the top-left corner and select Project.
  • Click the Sort Projects By drop-down to sort by:
    • Name
    • Project Number
    • Earliest Start Date
    • Earliest End Date
  • Choose the total cell units, then click Apply.

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