From the Time Off page, you can use the filtering tool to narrow down all time off that has been entered within the Group you are currently viewing.

Below are instructions on how to do so:

  • Click the funnel icon in the top-left corner of the page.
  • Choose to filter by Position (job title), or by the Reason for taking time off.
  • Within the filter modal, select Doesn't Match to show the list of time off for everyone that does not hold the applied filter.

  • Click the blue checkmark to apply the selected filter.


Sorting on the Time Off page refers to the order in which the list is presented. By default, the Time Off page will always be sorted in alphabetical order based on the names of your people.

Utilize the Columns Bar to choose how you want your time off sorted. Learn how to customize your columns bar HERE.

In the column bar, each field that has the capability to sort includes a carrot icon next to the column title. A carrot appearing in orange indicates that it is the currently sorting the page.

  • To sort your time off by a specific column, click the carrot icon to the right of the column name.
  • Once a carrot is in use, click it again to reverse the list order. A carrot pointing upward is sorting in standard order (A-Z, high-to-low, etc.), and a downward pointing carrot indicates the reversed order.

The order in which each column is sorted is determined by the units of that column.

  • Worded units are sorted in A-Z format or reversed to Z-A.
    • Name, Reason, Type, Repeat
  • Numerical units are sorted from low-to-high or reversed to high-to-low.
    • Start/End Date, Start/End Time, Occurrences, Submitted

Note: Job Title is the only worded unit that is not sorted alphabetically. The order of the list is based on the hierarchy of Job Titles within your Settings page.